Concert Band


There are 9 concert bands in the Owasso Band program. A tenth band, the 6th Grade Beginning Band, gives one performance at the end of the year.

In 6th grade students are placed in homogeneous classes on either flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone or percussion.  Selections for color instruments (oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet, saxophone, horn, baritone, tuba) are made during the second semester. All classes are put together for a concert at the end of the year. Beginning Band instructors are:  Steve Workman (clarinet, oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet), Shawn O’Kelley (flute and saxophone), Jana Gorham (trumpet and horn), Cindy Craft (trombone, baritone, tuba), Brady Hollon (brass assistant) and Devin Garza (percussion)

In 7th grade wind players are placed together in two separate concert band classes.  Percussionists have a separate class, but rehearse with the bands right before concerts and contests. A 7th Grade Beginner class is also offered on brass and woodwind instruments only. Jana Gorham and Cindy Craft conduct the 2nd and 3rd Hour Bands which perform three concerts and attend OSSAA Contest.  Devin Garza instructs percussion while Steve Workman teaches the 7th Grade Beginners.

8th Grade Band meets in one class period at Owasso High School, but are able to divide into two concert groups that perform three concerts and attend OSSAA Contest. Cindy Craft conducts the Symphonic Band; Shawn O’Kelley the Concert Band; Devin Garza assists with percussion. Students also perform at 8th Grade pep assemblies. 

The PRIDE of Owasso (Grades 9-12) performs together during marching season, then is split into 5 fully functioning concert bands the rest of the year.  All 5 bands perform three concerts and go to OSSAA State Contest. Conductors are:  Wind Ensemble- Chris Harris, Symphonic Band 1- Shawn O’Kelley, Symphonic Band 2- Brady Hollon, Concert Band 1- Brady Hollon, Concert Band 2- Chris Harris. All 5 bands have consistently earned OSSAA Sweepstakes Awards.

Early emphasis is placed on behavior, citizenship, rehearsal discipline, tone production and counting (rhythm).  Ensemble skills are continuously developed as the students grow.  Students are encouraged to study privately, audition for All Region/All State Honor Bands and perform at Solo/Ensemble contest.

Since 1980 the Owasso High School Band has earned 116 OSSAA Sweepstakes Awards.