Color Guard


Who are we?  The Pride of Owasso is an elite competitive marching band performance group consisting of many sections of performers, including the color guard.  As a member of this group, you will be introduced to the best of the best in the activity and grow not only as a performer, but as an active and engaged member of a team sport.

2019-2020 Color Guard Roster

Goals:  This organization strives to provide students with skills focused on performance, team building, time management, responsibility, health, and organization.  It also provides an opportunity for social engagement and competitive outlets to build self-esteem and confidence.

Membership:  Memberships is voluntary in this extra-curricular activity however, color guard members are required to audition to be a member of this section.

Rehearsals:  All rehearsals are mandatory!  Since Pride is an extracurricular activity, rehearsals fall outside of the regular school day. ALL MEMBERS THAT PLAY AN INSTRUMENT must be enrolled in 1st hour band.  NON-INSTRUMENTALIST will enroll in Color Guard class. Though in different “classes”, all of these students will rehearse together during marching season. Rehearsals include but are not limited to:
•Spring training and auditions
•Summer rehearsals in June\July\Aug
•Band Camp beginning before the start of school
•Morning rehearsals before school (7:00am)
•Evening all Band rehearsals, Monday 5-8:00, Wednesday 3:30-5:30, and Thursday 5-8 and before Friday football games
•Sectional rehearsals for weapons or buddy tutoring
•Extra all band rehearsals on at least 2 Saturdays of the season and contest days.
•A detailed calendar can be found on the Pride of Owasso website as well as the OCG Facebook page.

Performances:  The Pride performs at halftime shows of home football games and pregame at away games as well as during games in the stands.  Other performances include competitive and exhibition contests – local and out of state, as well as parades and community support activities where merited.